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#2  WHITE - No Fray Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets

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Our Exclusive Colorfast - No Fray, Printable Fabric Sheets for use in your home inkjet printer!  We are the first to invent this exclusive patented fabric!  You may even find these at some local craft and fabric stores.  Many stores have been inquiring about carrying them.

 The perfect answer for printing your own Clothing Labels, Quilt Labels, Lightweight Patches, Appliques or any Custom Creation you can imagine!!   Our fabric sheets are washable, dryable and dry cleanable.  Simply cut out your design and sew - no need to treat the cut edges for fraying as the special fabric resists fraying.  No color or design limitations as with custom labels since you use your own design and inkjet printer.  Fast, Fun and Easy to Use!

 Our 8.5" x 11" Cotton/Poly blend fabric sheets are treated to maintain 95% of your printed image.  Results vary with different printers and inks but the sheets can be used with any inkjet printer and ink - you'll need to experiment with your particular printer to get the best results.

 Available in White or Ivory and sold in sets of 6 sheets per package. 



Simple to use instructions:

1.)  Create your image on your computer to be printed on an 8.5" x 11" sheet.  Set the paper setting to plain paper.  Set your inkjet printer color settings to medium or high, brighten colors or increase saturation of colors.  This is because the ink from your printer will saturate the fabric just as if you were dyeing a garment and the settings will need to be a bit higher than for printing on paper.  You may need to experiment - results will vary with different printers and inks.

  2.)  Place the chipboard backer contained in the package into your printer tray - this is to stabalize the fabric in the printer tray so it will feed through your printer smoothly.  Place a single fabric sheet on top of the chipboard with the fabric side facing you and print your design onto the fabric.  Let fabric sheet dry for 30 minutes.  *Print only one sheet at a time - do not load multiple fabric sheets into your printer tray.

3.)  Heat set the fabric on PRINTED SIDE with a HOT iron and NO STEAM for about 60 seconds.  Keep your iron constantly moving over the fabric.  CAUTION - fabric will be HOT - wait until cooled before completely the next steps.

4.)  Remove the backing paper and rinse your fabric sheet in a shallow pan of cool water mixed with 2 TBSP fabric softener.  Lay your fabric sheet FLAT in the water and gently swish in place (do not let the fabric fold onto itself).  Don't be alarmed if the water becomes colored, this process removes the excess ink from the fabric.  Pull out your fabric sheet from the the water carefully and lay flat to dry on a towel.

5.)  Once dry, you may iron your fabric sheet smooth and cut your image with a ruler and rotary cutter or scissors.  If you are making Iron On clothing labels, appliques or patches  - apply your iron on backing material BEFORE cutting.  Because the fabric is specially made to be fray resistant, there is no need to treat the edges for fraying.  Once the fabric is printed, it should be washed in cool water with mild detergent and no oxygenated whiteners or color boosters as this will cause fading to any clothing label or garment.  *****Our fabric is made to retain 95% of your printed design but may fade over time if washed in harsh conditions.


Our Price:  $19.95  

Units:       6 WHITE Fabric Sheets

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