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#3  Wholesale No Fray Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets

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Our exclusive, NO FRAY, Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets are now available to wholesale customers and manufacturers.

Do you own a retail or online store and would like to carry our product to sell to your customers? Are you a print shop or other fabrication shop already using our fabric sheets for your business?

We offer two types of wholesale plans for retailers or manufacturing companies ONLY:

We offer two types of wholesale plans:

1.) Complete packaging for retail store:

Prepackaged sheets in our packaging with UPC coding

6 sheets per package - White or Ivory Retail price $19.99 per package

Initial Wholesale opening order is 6 packages White and 6 packages Ivory (no exceptions) - $120.00 ($10.00 wholesale price per package) plus shipping

Subsequent orders are a minium of 12 packages White Or Ivory - $120.00 plus shipping

 2.) Print shop or Manufacturer:

Bulk fabric sheets without retail packaging in White or Ivory

Initial opening order: 200 fabric sheets in your choice of White or Ivory or a combination of both colors - $300.00 plus shipping

Subsequent orders are a minimum of 200 fabric sheets in your choice of White or Ivory or combination of both colors - $300.00

Larger orders can be custom quoted.

Please allow a minimum 20 business day processing time on all wholesale orders

Wholesale accounts may be discontinued after 3 months of inactivity at which point you may need to reapply for an account.  We reserve the right to change quantity and pricing at any time.

Please email us at : diannawright@inkjetfab.com to apply for a wholesale account

Please provide:

1.) Your name
2.) Your business name
3.) Your address, phone number and email
4.) Your Website
5.) Your tax ID#
6.) A scanned copy of your Resale license for your state.

Once approved, we will invoice you directly online for your order which MUST be paid in full before shipping, subsequent orders can be placed quickly with just an email directly to us. YOU CANNOT ORDER THIS ITEM FROM OUR ONLINE STORE BELOW - YOU MUST EMAIL US FOR AN ONLINE INVOICE:  diannawright@inkjetfab.com




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